High Precision High-speed Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Super Precision Angualr Contact Ball Bearings 7914C 7914A5 70*100*16 Made in China

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Super Precision Angualr Contact Ball Bearings 7914C 7914A5 70*100*16 Made In China





Machine tools and other precision applications require superior bearing performance. Extended speed capability, a high degree of running accuracy, high system rigidity, low heat generation, as well as low noise and vibration levels are just some of the challenges.

spindle bearings are high precision,single row,angular contact ball

bearings. Their special design features —including contact geometry, surface design and other properties — resultin a bearing design that offers high precision, excellent speed ability, high rigidity and low vibration characteristics.These bearings are readily available in a wide range of standard sizes,making them suitable replacementsfor virtually any type of machine tool application.

Ultra-long Life and Ultra-high Speed Ceramic Angular Contact Ball Bearing

HSS719 Seriess, HSS70 Series, HCS Series

Structural features: 

 1. With small ball design and modified internal structure, this HSS HCS Series bearing features ultra-long life and ultra-high speed.

 2. This ultra-long-life ball bearing is mainly designed for the works that require high rotational speed and high load.

 3. The material of outer ring is made of X-life Cronidur30 high nitrogen stainless steel with special heat and cold treatment processes.

 4. Rolling elements are high-performance hot isostatically pressed ceramic balls, so the service life of these bearings are increased by 10 times compared to which of standard bearings in the case of mixed friction.

 5. With a contact angle of 18°, this bearing can carry axial load and radial load either alone or in combination.

 6. Ball bearing cages (or retainers) adopt outer ring guided fabric reinforced phenolic resin cages, outer ring guided PEEK cages, and inner ring guided silver-plated steel cages.

 7. Phenolic resin cage is the standard cage that can maintain a stable long-term work under 80°С. 

 8. Under the ultra-high speed and special work conditions, you may select PEEK cage for a stable long-term work under 220°С.

 9. Using inner ring guided silver-plated steel cage or without cage, is suitable for a stable long-term work under 450°С.

Speed factor:

         Grease lubrication DmN≤2100000, limiting rotational speed N≤2100000/Dm, Dm= bearing mean diameter

           Oil lubrication (with a minimum amount) DmN≤3200000


HCS HSSSeries ceramic angular contact ball bearing is mainly used in working conditions require long-life, high rotational speed and high precision bearings, such as imported CNC machining center spindle, ultra-high speed spindle for grinding, ultra-high speed ultracentrifuge, turbojet engine shaft, turbocharger and so on.

Sealed bearings with pre-packed grease are also available.

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JRDB Machine tool spindle bearing characteristics

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With the transformation and upgrading of China's equipment manufacturing industry, high precision bearings become the core of the development of equipment manufacturing industry constraints, Jinan JiaRuiDa Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd(JRDB) since its inception in 2003, has been "imported precision bearings made" as a company Development objectives, commitment to precision bearings, noise reduction and extension of life and other precision bearings key technology research and development, and has made a lot of technical achievements and patents, JRDB to become a small number of domestic production P2, P4 high Precision bearing manufacturer.

and we can make OEM

JRDB Quality Inspection

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